GENERAL                                                                                                    JUNE 2020

Initial consultations for interiors will be free of charge and will be held under a no-obligation basis.

A written estimate for the fabric and service required will be provided after the initial consultation. If the customer wishes to proceed then on confirming the order this will form an agreement between the Client and Sharon Traynor designs. A non-returnable deposit (specified in the estimate) that will be for all fabrics and sundries will be required.

Sharon Traynor Designs will proceed with the service requested once a deposit has been received. By paying the deposit you will be in agreement that the order confirmation sent by email is correct to your exact requirements.


All quotes will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue unless otherwise advised.

If the customer wishes to proceed with contracting the work to Sharon Traynor Designs an assessment of the interior/window will be necessary and this may include careful measurements that are required in order for the work to proceed. The customer should ensure that the areas to be assessed are clear of items that may prevent these measurements being taken.

All payments to Sharon Traynor Designs should be made in cash, cheque, or Bacs payment. All cheques for fabrics, tracks and sundry items should be made payable to Sharon Traynor Designs. Orders will not be processed until cleared payment is received.



The estimate or quotation will usually indicate estimated delivery times (subject to receipt of deposit, clearance of funds and availability of materials). The Client should understand that acceptance of the estimate or quotation also means that the delivery timescale is accepted.

If the Client is not willing to accept a quoted delivery timescale, then the Client should not accept the estimate or quotation entire. Sharon Traynor Designs will always endeavour to quote reasonable timescales that should suit the Client.


A deposit will be required equalling that of 50% of the total job cost will be payable. This will become non refundable once the materials are ordered. Unless such a deposit is received, the work cannot proceed. Orders will be processed as agreed once the funds are cleared.


If the Client provides the required measurements, then all items subsequently made to measure items will be done so in accordance with them. Sharon Traynor Designs can take no responsibility for any mistakes arising from inaccurate measuring by the Client. Such errors may be rectified, but will this be at an additional cost to the customer.

Sharon Traynor Designs cannot be held responsible for any materials going out of stock between quotation acceptance and materials purchase. Any monies received with respect to such an order will be refunded if requested.

The Client will be notified when the items have been completed and this will be deemed as the COMPLETION DATE. Finished goods will be delivered at an agreed time with the Client within fourteen days of this completion date unless prior arrangements have been made for Sharon Traynor Designs to store the goods.

The balance of payment, will be due prior to delivery and goods will not be released for fitting/delivery until these funds are cleared.


The Client will be required to check the goods, and sign an acceptance form. The property and ownership of the goods does not pass to the buyer until paid for in full.

Orders will not be left with the client without final payment.






Where the customer supplies the fabric Sharon Traynor Designs cannot be responsible for flaws, faults or inconsistency of pattern. Where possible the curtain maker will work around such problems but extra work or fabric required to do so will be paid for by the customer. Fabrics should be clearly marked with the right/wrong side and pattern direction.

There may be a surcharge where many small pieces are supplied from which to make an item.

All fabrics chosen should be handled with care. Advice for their suitability for

washing / dry cleaning can be sought from the fabric supplier. However, when a combination of fabrics have been used (for example where lined curtains have been made, or where trimmings have been applied) rates of shrinkage between fabrics may differ causing the item in question to be pulled out of shape. Sharon Traynor Designs suggests that ALL fabrics be treated as dry clean only unless otherwise stated, and can take no responsibility for any damage occurring to items due to cleaning in the wrong manner. In cases where interlining has been used, even dry cleaning may not be possible, and it is recommended that cleaning is done by means of gentle vacuuming. Sharon Traynor Designs will endeavour to match the correct fabric with the customer’s requirements and assess its suitability for the environment in which it will be placed. Sharon Traynor designs can take no responsibility for fabric behaviour once within its intended destination. Any shrinkage due to high humidity, improper cleaning, or any other reason, or damage or mis-shaping arising from mishandling or other improper use will not be the fault of Sharon Traynor Designs




Sharon Traynor Designs can only advise on fixtures and fittings. Sharon Traynor Designs can take no responsibility for any damage to property during or after the attachment of such fixtures or fittings by the fitter. All liabilities for fitting lie with the Independent fitter and are covered under his insurance. Sharon Traynor Designs accepts no responsibility for his fitting. All fitting should be checked on completion by the client.




The independent curtain fitter we use will endeavour to keep you and your home safe during the COVID 19 pandemic. He will use Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser before and after entering your home. He will wipe any surfaces he has touched down with Anti-bacterial wipes and he will wear a mask.

Please discuss direct any worries or concerns you may have with him prior to him entering your home. Please only discuss the fitting at a socially distanced 2 metres and outside where you can.

The fitter is solely responsible for his COVID 19 measures in your home so please make sure you are happy before continuing. By agreeing to fitting taking place will mean you are happy for him to enter you home.

It is your responsibility to specify any additional safety measures you require directly with the fitter.

Fittings must be cancelled if you or a family member have any symptoms of COVID 19

The fitter will also cancel if he has any symptoms and this maybe at short notice.




Roman/roller blinds will be supplied with safety breakaway beaded chains or on tracks with breakaway mechanisms. Breakaway mechanisms regard both the chain on both roller blinds/roman blinds and the cord toggles on the back of roman blinds at the base of the cords.


If the clients remove safety devices or modifies the blinds,  Sharon Traynor Designs will accept  no responsibility for injury or death as a result of the misuse/alteration of blinds/curtains.


Children should not be allowed to operate blinds and curtains.



No responsibility will be accepted for any injury caused from the misuse of curtains and blinds especially by children.


All products supplied comply to current regulations by BBSA


Blinds are guaranteed for 12 months from delivery to the client or from installation by a professional curtain/blind fitter.


All blinds are supplied with brackets for installation by either the client or by a  professional curtain/blind fitter.




Although Sharon Traynor Designs may be able to advise, ultimately it's client's responsibility to ensure safe conditions for the fitter when on the premises installing window dressings.



If the client wishes to change curtain poles / tracks or other such fittings after precise measurements have been taken by Sharon Traynor Designs, then the customer MUST inform Sharon Traynor Designs of such a change in writing, and new measurements will need to be taken by Sharon Traynor Designs.

If any change in dimensions results in extra work being required to ensure the window treatment(s) fit, then a charge will be incurred based upon the current hourly rate.

The customer will be advised of this prior to proceeding with any rectification and will agree in writing to the additional work and charges.

If the customer provides the required measurements, then all items subsequently made will be done so in accordance with them. Sharon Traynor Designs can take no responsibility for any mistakes arising from inaccurate or incorrect measuring by the customer. Such errors may be rectified where possible, but this will be at additional cost to the customer.







Sharon Traynor Designs can sometimes suggest third party suppliers and trades people direct to the customer. However, the customer will form their own relationship with any third party and be responsible for managing these relationships, and be responsible for financial settlements directly with the third party


Sharon Traynor Designs has a recommended independent curtain and blind fitter.

He will be paid by the client, directly on completion of fitting. All liabilities for fitting lie with him directly.


No responsibility can be accepted for cracks in plaster and damage caused due to unforeseen wall problems. Where necessary the fitter will endeavour to fill any cracks or pilot drill holes

All poles and tracks are guaranteed for 12 months

Sharon Traynor Designs will not be held responsible for accidents resulting in the misuse of curtains or blinds. Children should not be allowed to operate curtains and blinds. Blinds are supplied to current regulations regarding child safety-  BS EN 13120. Blinds will be fitted with either a breakaway chain or a cleat to secure the chain for safe operation.

All picture/craft/ribbon orders will be made to the customers exact written instructions. Any alterations to an order that incur a cost – this cost must be paid for by the customer.

All picture/craft/ribbon orders will be sent with royal mail on a first class service. No responsibility can be accepted for late delivery of the order

All orders sent by a courier will be sent on a 24hour service. No responsibility can be accepted for late delivery.

Personalised Gift Jewellery   – these items are not toys and should be used under adult supervision. Children under 5 should not be left alone with jewellery supplied.

Jewellery supplied may form a choking hazard – please be aware we will accept no responsibility for goods supplied in relation to children consuming.

Please do not allow children to put jewellery items in their mouth.


GDPR - Sharon Traynor Designs, 1 Moran Close, Wilmslow, SK9 3UF

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In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we are required to inform you as to what data we collect and how it is processed and handled once we receive it.
The information we hold is purely for maintaining our trading relationship, making BACS payments for goods or derived and general communication purposes
In order to provide our services, we currently hold your following information:
Telephone number
Email address

We gather this data from incoming enquiries, ongoing contracts, new clients, suppliers, consultants and subcontractors.
This data is processed onto our systems
Your information will only be used for legitimate business purposes. We will not transmit your information to other parties. All data disclosures will only be relevant to the particular requirements of the project. This information will be handled in accordance with the guidelines of the GDPR and again will only be relevant to the requirements of providing our services.
We will never sell your information third parties.
We will hold the digital and physical files on record as required by the relevant contracts, which may be up to 6 years. These are stored on secure servers and in secure on-site archive.
Please inform us promptly should you have any concern in relation to the above or if you wish to be deleted from our business database via an email at gatleycurtains@gmail.com
Should you have any queries or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.